We are happy to announce that Heila Technologies is part of Cleantech Group’s list of “50 to Watch” for 2020!

The 50 to Watch list comes at a crucial time in the fight against the ongoing climate crisis. The consequences of climate change are being felt now more than ever – and while governments and large corporations are standing by and acting too slowly, early-stage companies are leading the way toward change.

The 50 companies included in Cleantech Group’s list are tackling some of the most critical issues in environmental action, like carbon capture and regeneration, climate-positive buildings, or in Heila’s case, energy and power. The Cleantech Group is a leading research and consulting company that champions clean technology development and supports the world’s top climate-change innovators. Being a part of this list represents not only a step forward for the advancement of distributed energy resources (DERs) but also a success for our company’s greater goal: to create a future of resilient, sustainable grids capable of adapting to climate change.

With more climate-related disasters every year, our team has seen the importance of climate action firsthand. At Stone Edge Farm in Sonoma, California, we have consistently seen the benefits of microgrids, DERs, and our Heila EDGE controllers as wildfires have raged across thousands of acres of land. As a self-sufficient microgrid, the Stone Edge system is essentially invulnerable to climate-related disasters.

We know that these types of systems will become increasingly necessary with climate change, which is why we envision a new electricity system made of adaptive, resilient, self-managing microgrids. Thank you to Cleantech Group for recognizing us in this challenge!