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Case Study: Agilitas Community Energy

Learn how one community in Massachusetts has secured local energy resilience and savings through a solar and battery storage plant, owned and operated by Agilitas Energy, and optimized and supported by Heila’s long-term solutions partnership.


The EPC Partner Playbook

In distributed energy and microgrid deployment, on-the-ground experience and technical expertise matter. Heila’s Partnership Program helps Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) firms confidently and successfully navigate the complex and rapidly evolving microgrid landscape.


Case Study: Electric School Bus Microgrid

Introducing the Franklin School Bus Project; an ambitious initiative to implement an ESB charging solution with bidirectional vehicle-to-charging capacity and renewable power sources. Alongside Berkeley Lab, Heila is helping the elementary school to drive energy savings, develop a resilience hub, and incorporate clean energy.


Case Study: Stone Edge Farm Resilience

Our Stone Edge Farm case study explores how the microgrid provided an uninterrupted power supply during the 2017 California wildfire power outages, supporting the farm’s operations and safety while also highlighting the role of microgrids in the face of extreme weather events.


On-Demand Webinar: Put Your Energy Data to Work

Access this exclusive webinar where our VP of Innovation, Trudie Wang, discusses how C&I facilities can harness today’s abundance of energy data to improve power systems, cut costs, and reduce carbon emissions. In addition to decoding energy data, Trudie covers how the strategic deployment of onsite distributed energy resources (DERs) can support energy goals in the present while being able to evolve as site needs do.


Put Your Energy Data To Work eBook

Learn how Heila iQ helps companies maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of investments for building resilience and reducing carbon emissions in our eBook. You’ll discover how you can overcome the challenges in C&I energy monitoring and view examples of the type of data you can access through Heila iQ.


The Ultimate Guide to Microgrids for EPCs

This is our must-read for Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) firms looking to take advantage of the benefits of microgrids for their C&I customers. The guide covers everything you need to know about the modern microgrid, from the customer journey to the regulatory, market, and fiscal conditions.


Top 5 Business Cases for a Microgrid eBook

Onsite microgrids provide solutions to the most critical energy issues of the moment, but achieving company buy-in can be difficult. Our eBook will help you create a value proposition that is unassailable, so you can be on your way to energy resilience, efficiency, and sustainability.


Heila EDGE Data Sheet

The decentralized and modular Heila EDGE microgrid control platform simplifies and standardizes the connection and optimization of solar arrays, batteries, and other distributed energy resources (DERs), delivering connectivity, customization, cost savings and reliability. View our EDGE data sheet for a summary of the platform’s key features as well as the technical specifications.


Heila iQ Data Sheet

From direct demand, consumption, and power quality measurements to data-driven recommendations for decision-makers, Heila iQ equips facility managers with the tools and insights needed to make the most capital-efficient energy system investments. Take a look at the iQ data sheet for an overview of how the platform works, what’s inside, and the technical specifications.


Request Tech Specs

Through game theory, Heila’s revolutionary distributed control platform autonomously manages and optimizes resources and, critically, enables a modular microgrid – one where assets can be added or removed seamlessly.


Case Study: Emera BlockEnergy at Southshore Bay, Florida

Emera Technologies partnered with Heila to deploy the BlockEnergy platform at the Southshore Bay housing community, creating the first utility-owned residential microgrid system. The microgrid has enabled increased operability, security, and grid resilience to mitigate extreme weather and other events impacting electric utility grid uptime.