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Heila EDGE®

A Modular Energy Platform

The Heila EDGE® is a modular energy platform that makes it easy to connect and optimize solar arrays, batteries and other distributed energy resources. The platform leverages emergent intelligence to coordinate power assets and build self-managing microgrids and fleets from the ground up.

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Transitioning to a new grid paradigm

The U.S. electricity system is struggling to adapt to the stresses of climate change and the increasing diversity and scale of distributed energy resources. The Heila EDGE® Platform makes it possible for communities to develop the grid of the future – one that is lower cost, more sustainable, reliable and resilient.

Is decentralized microgrid control the key to a low carbon future?

The Heila EDGE®

The Heila EDGE® Platform leverages emergent intelligence that automatically connects any power asset, in any configuration, into a resilient operating grid network. Its modular and adaptive nature enables it to be scaled as demand needs change and the grid evolves, making it one of the most flexible products on the market.

About the Heila Platform

Dr. Jorge Elizondo on How Distributed Energy Can be Disruptive

The Heila EDGE® Platform turns every node in a distributed energy system – every battery, solar array, inverter, fuel cell, whatever – into an independent intelligent agent that can interact with others and create a self-organizing system. This is how we can rebuild the grid from the ground up, and make it both cleaner and more resilient.

Heila Technologies is dedicated to simplifying the integration and operation of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and microgrids.

Proven & Scalable

Heila Case: Stone Edge Farm


At 5am on October 12, 2017, the engineer responsible for power at Stone Edge Farm, a vineyard in Sonoma, California, got a call from an employee telling him “everything was burning.”

Minutes later, at the flick of a software switch, the engineer and an intern “islanded” the winery from the grid. And it ran independently until the central utility restored power days later.

The Stone Edge system is now completely off the grid and immune to natural disasters. The innovative microgrid has become a proving ground not only for Heila but for a wide range of DER manufacturers and service providers.

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BostInno, 11/11/2021
By Sam Mintz

Heila Technologies was named to BostInno’s 2021 Inno on Fire list. Heila was recognized for its expertise in DERs, its mission to transform the engergy industry and its incredible growth over the past year.

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The Cleanie Awards® Honors Heila Technologies as the 2021 Startup Company of the Year Gold Place Winner

Heila Technologies has been selected as The Cleanie Awards® Gold place winner for Startup Company of the Year. The Cleanie Awards is the leading awards program celebrating people and brands driving the clean energy economy. The program recognizes innovation excellence and business leadership. Individuals and organizations across many facets of the industry submitted nominations.

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