Catch Heila at RE+ 2022 to See the Future of Energy Resiliency, Now

RE+ is upon us once again, and Heila Technologies is primed to impress at this year’s event. Showcasing our success as a front runner in solar industry innovation and building the future of energy resiliency, Heila will be on-site at Booth 4036 to speak with guests, demonstrate our Heila EDGE® platform, and further establish ourselves as a curator of efficiency, resiliency, and long-term impact in the renewable energy space.


What is RE+?


If you are new to RE+, you might have questions about what it is and why it means so much that Heila is participating in it. To explain, RE+ is the largest and most comprehensive event in North America for the clean energy industry. From September 20-22, this year’s event in Anaheim, California, brings the modern energy industry together to foster a cleaner future for everyone.


RE+ brings together an extensive alliance of renewable energy leaders for programming, information sharing, networking opportunities, and more. So it makes sense that Heila would have a place at this table.


Learn How Developers and EPCs can Build High-value and Resilient DER Systems For Any Project


At Booth 4036, we’ll showcase the Heila EDGE® microgrid control platform. This decentralized and modular platform makes it easy to connect, coordinate, and optimize solar PV arrays, batteries, and other distributed energy resources (DERs). Using emergent intelligence to link components, the Heila EDGE® creates a self-organizing network that significantly minimizes the system’s complexity and costs. This adaptability allows the platform to address almost any application priority, whether microgrid resiliency, behind-the-meter economic optimization, fleet management, or more. 


Heila EDGE® in Action 


We are proud to have our work on display in this year’s “Grid Edge Theater.” This theater is led by Emera Technologies, which recently commissioned its BlockEnergy rooftop microgrid solution in Tampa. And, you guessed it, this project uses the Heila EDGE® for its control platform. But what’s more, this project is the first of its kind.


This rooftop solution is the first regulator-approved microgrid anywhere, which is a massive step forward for both Heila and Emera. What sets it apart is that microgrids are typically behind the meter, meaning the utility has no control of the assets. Using machine learning technology and game theory, the Heila EDGE® platform optimizes the microgrid’s controls and improves the system’s performance. Our innovative approach strengthens energy resiliency for homeowners and enables them to pay the same electricity rate as if they received electricity from the utility via traditional power plants. With nothing to maintain and no additional cost to homeowners, this utility has been able to deliver renewable energy equity to its end users, thanks to the sophisticated platform provided by Heila.


In this way, Heila is future-proofing home energy by converting every aspect of the home into DC electricity. After all, newer appliances and household technologies are already DC-based, such as flat-panel TVs, computers, newer HVAC systems, and more. Further, electric-vehicle (EVs) batteries need to receive electricity in DC, and power from the grid is always AC. So charging an EV requires a conversion from AC to DC, either onboard or outside the vehicle. As EV ownership continues to climb, it only makes sense to have access to a DC electricity source.


But for the future of energy resiliency to take hold, Heila doesn’t see why the entire house can’t operate this way. And through this partnership with Emera, it can. In fact, Emera is going to have a fully DC-powered home simulated in the Grid Edge Theater, and we invite all guests and attendees to check it out and see the future of home energy. 


The Future of Energy Resiliency is Now


Come by RE+, check out the Heila Technologies booth, and take a walk through a fully DC-powered home. You’ll see that the push for a more resilient future is currently underway and that Heila is a front-runner in this charge.