Leverage Distributed Energy Resources for Your Benefit

The number and diversity of distributed energy resources (DERs) can be a challenge for utilities to manage. The Heila EDGE® Platform can help convert DERs into critical grid assets.

The Heila EDGE® Platform makes it possible for any utility to have direct insight and control of DER assets. Heila supports key features including

Vendor agnosticity

Heila’s hardware lets you pick and choose the equipment you want. Heila is compatible with industry-standard protocols and has a growing number of compatible equipment vendors that enable plug and play capability.

Web portal for data access and control

Both on-site and remote data access and control are available. The Heila EDGE® Platform provides powerful data visualization, archival, reporting, and exporting tools through an accessible and intuitive user interface.

Fleet management

The Heila EDGE® Platform can help you aggregate in-front-of-the-meter or behind-the-meter DERs and enables configurable, schedulable, and optimization-based functionalities.