Thinking Outside the Grid: Heila Technologies Delivers ‘Virtual’ Microgrids for Sustainable and Resilient Energy

October 2, 2019

Reena Karasin

Heila EDGEOur energy grid was built around centralization. But as renewable energy sources such as solar and wind gain traction, the grid needs to adapt to include an array of components.

“With the decrease in cost of elements such as solar panels and batteries, we, as a society, have begun a move toward a more decentralized structure of energy generation and storage,” explains Francisco Morocz, CEO and Co-founder of Heila Technologies.

That’s where microgrids come in. Microgrids are smaller networks that use local energy sources. They’re typically connected to the grid and can rely on its energy if necessary, but can also run independently in “island” mode.

For microgrids to work with the larger grid, communication is key, as utilities need to navigate peak times and potential disruptions to ensure electricity is always available.

Communication benefits both the microgrid and the utility company. A microgrid can rely on the larger grid for energy when it must, but at other times it can support the grid by setting the import or export of power according to the needs of the system.

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