Combing deep theoretical knowledge and practical industry experience, the team at Heila Technologies and is dedicated to simplifying the integration and operation of microgrids.

The company is actively working with vendors, developers, property owners, utilities and clean energy evangelists to establish the Heila Platform as the open standard through which all of us can collectively contribute to, and profit from, the rapid development of a greener and more resilient power production and distribution services.

Jorge Elizondo
Sr. Microgrid Engineer

Heila Technologies is an MIT-born startup dedicated to simplifying the integration and operation of individual Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and microgrids.

The revolutionary technology that powers the Heila Platform is the brainchild of the company’s microgrid engineer, Jorge Elizondo. CEO Francisco Morocz and company then grew Heila from an internship into a business in less than a year.

Francisco Morocz

The technical concept that underlies the Heila Platform was developed in 2015 when Jorge was serving as a graduate intern at Stone Edge Farm, a vineyard in Sonoma California. As part of the vineyard’s efforts to implement a fully self-sufficient and “islandable” microgrid, Jorge sought proposals from several of the world’s leading power technology companies. None were able to deliver on Jorge’s vision for an organic, self-learning system.

Seth Drew

Seth Drew

Sr. Software Architect

MS CS, Tufts

“Heila’s vision is to enable the grid of tomorrow by dramatically simplifying the construction, operation and optimization of fleets of DERs.”

– Jorge Elizondo