Recapping an Exciting and Transformative 2022 for Heila Technologies

Energy resilience, energy savings, and emissions reductions. Heila helps you achieve your most urgent energy goals.


As we prepare and strategize for the new year, we want to recap some highlights and milestones that shaped Heila Technologies in 2022. We’ve worked hard to solidify new partnerships, deploy our technology, and expand our offerings. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


Join us in recapping this exciting and transformative year we’ve experienced.


Partnering with Kohler


Our year’s biggest highlight happened when we partnered with Kohler. With its 150 years of manufacturing history and global reach to more than 100 countries, the global manufacturing leader made a strategic decision to expand its clean energy management offerings and turned to Heila Technologies to fill that niche.


Kohler and Heila share a common goal to deliver more optimized, resilient, and sustainable energy solutions to the world. We still have the heart of a startup, but now we’re backed by the strength of an industry leader, and together, we can bring our user-intuitive solutions to new markets.


EDGE Keeps the Lights On During Hurricane Ian


While our innovative technology might seem designed for the future, the Heila EDGE is already significantly impacting ordinary people’s lives when they need it most. 


In May 2022, Tampa Bay Electric Company (TECO) commissioned its new BlockEnergy Microgrid Platform, which relies on the Heila EDGE for controls and optimization. For the 37 new households in Southshore Bay, FL, powered by BlockEnergy, the commissioning couldn’t have occurred at a better time. Just a few months later, Hurricane Ian tore through the Tampa Bay area, leaving a wide swath of power outages in its wake.


Except, that is, for the Southshore Bay community powered by the BlockEnergy Microgrid Platform. This first-of-its-kind utility-owned residential microgrid network continued delivering electricity to all the homes throughout and after the category-four hurricane.


BlockEnergy accomplished this by utilizing the Heila EDGE to charge the microgrid’s storage batteries during the hurricane-preparation mode. Then when the hurricane landed, the EDGE commanded the system to disconnect from the grid and use the stored energy — a process called islanding.


The proven results from this successful microgrid pilot program should incentivize more utilities to deploy the BlockEnergy residential microgrid platform powered by Heila EDGE to strengthen resilience, reduce emissions, and provide equitable access to renewable resources.


Building Energy Networks and Industry Networks


Although we focus on optimizing distributed energy resources (DERs) networks, we also know how important it is to establish, maintain, and grow professional networks. As an industry, we’ll need to rebuild the grid from the ground up through concerted efforts to develop the ecosystem needed to make this goal a reality. 


To spread the word on strengthening energy resilience and deploying more renewables, the Heila team logged considerable miles this year, attending conferences, summits, and panels worldwide. A few examples include RE+ 2022 in California, the International Microgrid Symposium in Singapore, the Grid Edge Innovation Summit in Arizona, and the Massachusetts Manufacturing Mash-Up, where we were honored with the Manufacturing Caucus Award. 


In December, Greentown Labs, home to Heila’s headquarters, welcomed Prince William and Princess Catherine to the facility. The royal couple were in Boston to award the Earthshot Prize and toured Greentown Labs to see the innovative energy solutions Heila and our neighbors develop there every day.


Looking Ahead to 2023


At Heila, we never stop innovating.


As we’ve been installing the Heila EDGE for companies in wide-ranging industries and sectors, we noticed a common thread: These companies all had significant amounts of energy data but no actionable insights to make this information useful.


So we solved that problem, and the answer is coming soon. Follow us on social media and check back soon for upcoming announcements about our latest solution.


Thanks for joining us in recapping 2022 with Heila! It’s certainly been an exciting and transformative year for us, but we think 2023 will be even more exciting and transformative, and we can’t wait to share it with you too. 


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