Simplify Distributed Energy Deployment

The Heila platform provides a seamless integration, deployment, control and monitoring solution for project developers.

The Heila EDGE® Platform makes it
easy for you to build the grid from
the ground up.


Heila supports these features

Microgrid integration and control

Heila supports resiliency applications, including the ability for your customers to automatically island from and re-synchronize with the grid. Because of the local control capabilities, the system can continue to operate even if external communications is lost.

Vendor agnosticity

Heila’s hardware lets you pick and choose the equipment you want. Heila is compatible with industry-standard protocols and has a growing number of compatible equipment vendors that enable plug and play capability.

Economic optimization

Heila software enables behind-the-meter economic optimization. Your customers can benefit from algorithms that automate solar overgeneration recapture, energy arbitrage, peak shaving, and more.