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A Modular Energy Platform

Heila’s distributed control platform provides unparalleled automation and modularity, dramatically reducing system complexity and cost by building systems from the ground up.

Heila Edge Control Board

Intelligent, autonomous and ever evolving

Through game theory, Heila’s revolutionary distributed control platform autonomously manages and optimizes resources and, critically, enables a modular microgrid – one where assets can be added or removed seamlessly.


The three big problems Heila solves

PROBLEM #1: Non-standardized Ecosystem

DERs comprise a wide range of technologies, vendors and protocols, forcing many systems to rely on customized solutions

PROBLEM #2: Complex Systems

The aggregation of DERs needs to achieve numerous objectives simultaneously, resulting in a challenging engineering problem

PROBLEM #3: Rigid Structures

When site requirements change, projects have to be re-engineered, usually requiring costly time and expertise

The Heila EDGE platform solves all three problems to dramatically reduce deployment challenges.

The Heila EDGE® Platform’s three key components

  1. Our hardware acts as a protocol gateway, an aggregator, and a distributed controller, enabling a unified experience for installers and developers.
  2. Our software allows both on-premise and remote data access and control as well as fully autonomous and optimized operation with any value stack.
  3. A technology-agnostic business model that avoids vendor lock-in.

What’s included

  • DER integration and orchestration
  • Multi-protocol compatibility
  • Automated controls
  • On-premise and remote control of assets
  • Behind the meter economic optimization
  • Aggregation for fleet visibility and control
  • Participation as virtual power plants