Heila Smart Genset

Maximize the value of your resilience investments

Go further with your business’ back-up power with the Heila intelligent generator service; our cutting-edge solution to countering increasing power costs and instability while unlocking new value. Raise resilience, cut the cost.

Future-proof your energy system

Build a scalable foundation for plugging in additional assets over time as energy demands change, the cost of components continues to come down, and/or you add more sites to your portfolio, Gain peace of mind and preparedness with access to a trusted team of energy experts for O&M and site inspections.

Increase your value streams

Leverage your intelligent genset to participate in energy programs for immediate economic value, such as demand response, energy arbitrage, demand charge management, and time-of-use (TOU). Energy optimization will become an integral component of your energy use.

Reduce monthly payments

Reap the resilience, scalability, and economic benefits while saving up to 50% of the initial cost, with no upfront capital investments. Cut on costs but not quality, with a system that ensures peak performance and industry-leading monitoring and real-time alerts.

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