Costa Rica’s Marriott Hacienda Belén Installs a Microgrid to Reduce CO2 Emissions, Electricity Consumption


CPG Hospitality and Enjoy Group, owners of Costa Rica Marriott Hacienda Belén, today announced the hotel is installing a microgrid controlled, optimized, and managed by Heila Technologies, representing the first of the Marriott chain in Latin America to deploy the technology. The microgrid will allow the hotel to avoid 20.8 tons of CO2 per year, reduce electricity consumption, have energy coverage, and increase resilience against electrical outages.

A microgrid is an integrated, low-voltage energy generation and distribution system made of solar panels, storage batteries, energy inverters, and control software that manages the generation, storage, and distribution of the energy produced. Microgrids can be controlled as individual entities or operated in parallel to the public grid.

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