Heila EDGE Data Sheet

The decentralized and modular Heila EDGE microgrid control platform simplifies and standardizes the connection and optimization of solar arrays, batteries, and other distributed energy resources (DERs), delivering connectivity, customization, cost savings and reliability. View our EDGE data sheet for a summary of the platform’s key features as well as the technical specifications.


Heila iQ Data Sheet

From direct demand, consumption, and power quality measurements to data-driven recommendations for decision-makers, Heila iQ equips facility managers with the tools and insights needed to make the most capital-efficient energy system investments. Take a look at the iQ data sheet for an overview of how the platform works, what’s inside, and the technical specifications.


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Through game theory, Heila’s revolutionary distributed control platform autonomously manages and optimizes resources and, critically, enables a modular microgrid – one where assets can be added or removed seamlessly. REQUEST TECH SPECS