Every April 22nd, people from across the world show their support for environmental protection and conservation by celebrating Earth Day. As we at Heila celebrate this important day, we are taking the chance to reflect on its significance as well as the mission that drives our innovation: to enable renewable and distributed energy resources (DERs) to become the pillars of a cleaner, more resilient, and more equitable electric grid.

Climate change and innovation are driving a technological revolution in the energy sector. If our energy infrastructure is going to be prepared to withstand the impacts of climate change, the way we generate and transmit energy has to change. Not only is the grid’s reliance on fossil fuels one of the main causes of global warming (with approximately 60% of the United States’ electricity supply coming from fossil fuels), but its centralized structure is incompatible with climate resilience and adaptation. Yet through the improved aggregation and control of clean DERs, we can decarbonize and decentralize our electricity infrastructure, change the way our society thinks about energy, and ultimately, fight climate change.

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