Heila iQ Data Sheet

From direct demand, consumption, and power quality measurements to data-driven recommendations for decision-makers, Heila iQ equips facility managers with the tools and insights needed to make the most capital-efficient energy system investments. Take a look at the iQ data sheet for an overview of how the platform works, what’s inside, and the technical specifications.


Harness the Power of Energy Data to Achieve Maximum Cost Savings

No matter the sector, energy systems play a critical role in Commercial & Industrial operations, and maintaining efficient and cost-effective systems remains a top priority for every C&I plant manager. However, as companies convert from mechanical to electrical-power processes and deploy onsite distributed energy resources (DERs), this transition will result in larger energy loads and more complex power systems.

The State of The Grid: 2023

As a leader in transitioning to the new energy grid paradigm, we decided to start a quarterly series dedicated to the current state of the grid. In this series, we’ll explore what’s impacting the grid most harshly and how Heila Technologies continues innovating new solutions to improve grid resilience, deploy more renewables, and reduce emissions.