How to Build a Microgrid in a Day

Microgrid Knowledge May 7, 2018 Craig Wooster and Jorge Elizondo In this presentation from the Microgrid 2018 Conference, Craig Wooster, project manager and general contractor for the Stone Edge Farm Microgrid Project, and Jorge Elizondo, co-founder of Heila Technologies, discuss this leading-edge Microgrid Project and the critical role of the Heila iq platform in its…

How smarter microgrids can boost clean energy

Yale Climate Connections March 17, 2017 By Eileen Mignoni Heila Technologies’ Jorge Elizondo comments on the possibilities of making microgrids simpler and more affordable and adding more clean energy to the nation’s energy mix. Using a device like the Heila iQ eliminates the need for expert installation and customization. Read Story